Wolves at the Door (part 94)

The rest of the trip went smoothly.  No encounters with outlaw-hunters, no angry villagers determined to revenge an outrage committed upon their daughters.  Not even a full moon to put a crimp in their travel plans.  At the end of the third night, when they returned to the doorway in the woods, the moon was teetering on the brink of fullness but not quite there.  Once again, Gil decided to stay – if only for a while.

“Tomorrow night’s sure to be a full moon.  It seems a shame to miss it.  If I stay here for about half a week longer, that won’t cause you too many problems, will it?”

“No, do what you must.  For my part though, I shall be unable to stay and keep you company.  These longer journeys to more distant villages already make things difficult.  Add three days and I would be close to a week between drinks.  You have seen how I can get after only half that long.  Quite unbearable.

“I shall waste no time on the other side, but even so your three days will be done before I return. I would suggest that when your business here is completed, you cross over and meet me at the doorway of stone.  Once there, you should not have a long wait.  But it would be best not to go looking for me.  The last thing we need is to waste time searching for one another in the crowds.  When I am ready, I would prefer to set out to the next village without delay.”

So once more, Gil watched Alfvin depart while he remained behind.  It felt entirely different this time though. They were parting on much better terms, with firm plans to reunite soon.

In the meantime, Gil wondered what the following night would bring, and how best to prepare.  He had brought only basic equipment, so he would not be hunting during the day.  Fishing lines were easier to carry than bows or spears, so he may still be able to catch breakfast.  Aside from that, probably the best way to prepare was to ensure he was well rested.  Fortunately, the recent trips had got him into the habit of sleeping during the day.  He had a feeling the next three nights would not be very restful.

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