The Lost Prince (part 1)


As a lifestyle, I can thoroughly recommend being royalty.

If you get the chance to be a prince, don’t let it pass you by. You might think that’s an unlikely scenario. I know the idea hadn’t even crossed my mind a month ago. You just never know when an opportunity is going to come along. But you can be ready to grab it when it does. Sink your teeth in, suck out the marrow and never let go.

I’ve tried out several different lifestyles in my time, and each has its good points. Being a shepherd had a certain peaceful simplicity to it. Even being cast into darkness gives you time to really collect your thoughts. Get some perspective. Hone your ambitions down to what’s gemuinely indispensable. Other than that, I can’t say I enjoyed the experience.

Becoming a long-lost prince, on the other hand, has been almost entirely a positive undertaking. Five stars, would be reinstated again. I say almost, because the one downside of being royalty is having to deal with other royalty. Those who aren’t merely obnoxious are downright dangerous. But for the most part, they treat me as some embarrassing clown who wouldn’t know his elbow from a hole in the ground. I can’t say I discourage the impression. If they thought I was any kind of threat, it would be that much harder when the time comes to move against them. Besides, right now I’m really enjoying the trappings that come with the job.

I mean, sometimes people talk about luxury like it’s a bad thing. Like it has some kind of corrupting effect on your moral fibre. But just between you and me, I don’t think those people have ever actually experienced luxury. I have, and let me tell you: it is awesome. Nobody in their right mind would give this up. I know I won’t. Gods have mercy on anyone who tries to get between me and my new lifestyle. But honestly, this is just the beginning. The clothes, the food, the women – Oh! The women! I still can’t believe what they let a prince get away with. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of this world.

And I want to sample them all.

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