The Lost Prince (part 3)

The wise women knew that he would bring ruin to the land, if he were allowed to live. But his parents – our parents – didn’t have the heart to kill him outright. And if they ordered someone from outside the royal family to kill someone from inside, that would have set a very dangerous precedent. So they half-assed it and assumed the best. Thought they were rid of him. Maybe they were right. But there must have been enough room for doubt.

I think I’d actually prefer if he turned out to be an impostor. Better to have a greedy cuckoo in your house than a baleful crow bringing catastrophe to your door. And now it’s not just any crow, but a crow with a reason to resent you. Waiting for disaster to strike, so he can peck your eyes out afterwards. They should have just killed him when they had the chance. None of this namby-pamby waiting around for him to starve, while fate conspires to keep him alive so he can ruin you another day.

An then, when you least expect it, he comes back. Or at least, somebody shows up, claiming to be him. Not that he’d be able to remember it either, of course, even if he were the real thing. Either way, once he’d got the idea in his head, he ran with it and took full advantage of the situation. Maybe that was a good sign. Maybe he was just a grifter who couldn’t resist a chance to experience luxury.

Or maybe he’ll be the death of us all.

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