The Lost Prince (part 5)

The girl has cried wolf once too often, and her words no longer carry much weight. I just need to reduce that even further. Destroying the remaining shreds of her credibility is less risky than destroying her outright. Then I’ll be safely back out of the spotlight until I’m ready to enter the game on my own terms. When I do, it’ll be too late for the rest of them to stop me. Because I have another advantage over them.

They’re playing to win.

Each of them is positioning to be the one on the throne when the music stops. My endgame, on the other hand, looks rather different. Sure, it would be nice to end up with all the marbles, but that’s strictly a side-show. The main event is revenge. Payback for the way they discarded me. For the years of rightful luxury they denied me.

They thought they could get rid of me. When I was a child, they tried to starve me, thought that would be enough to do me in. Not hardly. Out of sight, out of mind, I survived. I won’t say it was fun. I wasn’t exactly living the good life, but I was living. And now… it’s all worthwhile. Now I’m back and if it’s the last thing I do, I will make them pay. Even if I have to burn their whole damned city down to do it.

They’ll get theirs, eventually. But in the meantime, I need to keep my head down. Act like a hedonistic yokel so I don’t arouse suspicion. Bury myself in the luxuries of palace life.

Still: you can’t achieve anything worthwhile without a little sacrifice.

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