The Lost Prince (part 8)


I suppose it was inevitable. Fun times, or the appearance thereof, couldn’t last forever. Sooner or later, Responsibility would come calling. It seems I’ll have to start earning my luxuries.

I can’t say responsibility has always been my best thing. A responsible man would probably have at least said goodbye to his wife before leaving the mountain. But when an opportunity like that comes along, you don’t get hung up on what you’re leaving behind. Or who.

If I’d given her the chance, I think she would have volunteered to go with me. Perhaps she would have insisted. But her place is on the mountain. It would have been cruel to take her away. She wouldn’t have any kind of future, far away from the only home she knows. But she probably would have tried, for my sake, and ruined herself in the process. Better simply to leave, and let her get on with her life.

Sometimes, in a spare moment, I’ll find myself wondering what Oenone is doing now. Fortunately, there aren’t that many spare moments. It might seem idle, but catching up on a lifetime of hedonism can be hard work. And now, of course, there’s actual work added into the mix. Of course, when I say work, I mean in the sense that I wasn’t given any choice in the mission that I’ve been assigned. Not in the sense that it involves actual labour.

No, it’s more a way to keep me busy and out of everyone’s way.

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