The Lost Prince (part 9)

Technically, it’s a fact-finding mission. Travel around, searching for any sign of a long-lost aunt who was kidnapped decades before I was born. I don’t think anyone expects success. There’s little chance she’d still be alive now, even if she’d never been taken. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was “kidnapped” the same way I was “lost”: traded away to maintain the family’s hold on power. But apparently her loss is still a sore spot for the king, all these years later.. And who would have more insight into a long-lost member of the royal family than me?

It’s a convenient pretext to get me out of town anyway, and it suits me as well as it does them. If I turn up any sort of lead at all, then I’ve exceeded expectations. If not, then at least I’m safely away from the scheming eyes of my many brothers and sisters. Best of all, I never asked for it. I’ve reluctantly accepted the responsibility at the king’s insistence. No ambition to see here, please move along.

In a dozen different lands, I’ll get to sample the luxuries of their palaces in my role as a visiting foreign dignitary. There’s bound to be a few novelties among them. When my welcome wears thin, it’s on to the next kingdom, continuing my noble quest to reunite dear old aunt whatsername with her loving family.

And let’s be honest, that’s not the kind of trip I could take a wife on, even if she had come down the mountain with me. She’d have been stuck in the palace back home, surrounded by enemies in a world she didn’t understand. I’m sure she’s much happier on the mountain. She’s probably already forgotten about me. I bet she never thinks of me any more.

Just like I never think of her.

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