The Lost Prince (part 16)


Okay, so I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory during the duel. Combat’s not really my best thing. I wasn’t one of these pampered princes, with someone putting a sword in my hand as soon as I could walk. I hadn’t even picked one up until I came down the mountain. Not a lot of smithies up there.

I never should have let them bully me into it. I was just over-excited. The sight of that invading army, covering the plain like a swarm of ants… it was just so glorious. They had no idea that I’d brought them halfway around the world to destroy those who wronged me all those years ago. The instrument of my vengeance, laid out at my feet, gleaming in the sunlight. I got a little choked up. Can you blame me for being proud? Even in my wildest dreams, I’d never expected to succeed so well.

Then, of course, we all had to go down and meet them face to face. Get things started on the right foot. And I was just innocently trash-talking, trying get the home team fired up. Or the other team. Any team really. Get the blood pumping. That’s the first step towards getting the blood flowing. And then it’s just a matter of time before it’s running in rivers, like a crimson torrent. But you have to start somewhere, and insults are as good a place as any to begin.

How was I to know the guy was right there?

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