The Lost Prince

A handsome prince. A long-lost family. An overdue reunion.

Happily ever after? This is not that kind of story.

A haughty princess. A chance encounter. Two destinies entwined.

A RomCom maybe? Guess again.

Resentment returned. A kingdom at stake.

Political thriller? Don’t count on it.

A possible impostor. A palace of secrets. Who can be trusted?

All is not as it seems.

Updates daily, May 8th – 29th.

This one’s a short story, I swear.  For real this time.

Table of Contents

ONE Page 1
TWO Page 2 Page 3
THREE Page 4 Page 5
FOUR Page 6 Page 7
FIVE Page 8 Page 9
SIX Page 10
SEVEN Page 11 Page 12 Page 13
EIGHT Page 14 Page 15
NINE Page 16 Page 17 Page 18
TEN Page 19 Page 20
ELEVEN Page 21 Page 22

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